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Reputation Management, Done Correctly

Protecting Your Online Reputation is Crucial to Success!

The reputation of your business is the key to growth —
a damaged reputation will cost you both money and lost opportunities.

Reputation Management, Done Correctly


[rep-yuh-tey-shuh n]
the estimation in which a person or thing is held,
especially by the community or the public generally


The reputation of an individual, company, or brand can be good or bad, and it will always have a strong effect. A good reputation can lead to various forms of success, whether it be in getting a new job or an increase in sales. A bad reputation, however, can lead to the loss of a customer or business opportunity, or could even be used as leverage in a divorce.

The concept of managing the reputation of a company, government, celebrity, or other individual is not a new one. In the past, management was done by public relations firms that used stories in the media, public campaigns, images, and word-of-mouth to influence the reputation. Today, as reputations mainly play out on the Internet, it is handled instead by online companies like Reputation Correction by Abacus Web Services.

The rapid growth and far reach of the Internet have made reputation management challenging and significant. People can post their thoughts and activities both in real time and anonymously, which can lead to them making derogatory comments more easily. One negative review can create an unexpected handicap to a company’s profit, and a mistake made by an individual that was posted online can lead to rejection. More and more people are researching online before they make a purchase, hire an employee, and even extend credit.

Reputation Correction is our specialty. We provide different solutions for changing the negative reputation of an individual, business, or brand back into a positive one. Even if a reputation is already positive, we can improve on it to further help reap the financial and social benefits of a good reputation.


We will take the time to clearly understand the issues and their impact.


Through comprehensive status research we will create a benchmark of open issues.


We will develop a multi-staged plan to restore and improve your reputation.

Our Services

Online reputation building and improvement.

A good reputation has both social and financial benefits, so putting positive information online is essential for individuals, companies, and brands. As an individual, you want to get ahead of any potentially detrimental situations. What if someone else has the same name as you and a bad reputation? As a business, a disgruntled employee or customer can lose you customers – be proactive with Reputation Correction by Abacus Web Services!

A bad reputation or false information can cost individuals and businesses money, customers, a job, a partnership, and even social standing. At Reputation Correction by Abacus Web Services, we know that we can help three general categories of individuals:

  • Someone who has been deliberately wronged or defamed by someone else.
  • Someone who has been caught up in a situation not of their making, but now has a negative reputation by association.
  • Someone who has made a mistake and now has a mug shot, an arrest record, or a loss in a divorce.

We also help businesses or brands recover from bad reviews, mistakes, and slow growth. We improve or correct through:

  • Consultation
  • Analysis
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Build Online Presence
  • Multi-step Plans

All of this is done with our years of experience and proven online techniques that are necessary to influence online perception for a positive outcome. Our expertise with search engines and knowledge of the Internet means that we know how to push down the negative material and bring up the positive.


Users trust online reviews


People comparison shop


Employers Google job applicants


Colleges check social media

Our Clients

We work with companies, organizations, and individuals on a one-to-one basis as well as with attorneys, PR companies, and other related service providers that act on behalf of their clients.

We believe that reputation management should be available and affordable for everyone, so we offer a selection of different plans to meet our client’s different needs. This makes Reputation Correction your online reputation management solution.

Due to the confidential nature of this business, we do not publish a client list.





“I truly understand the anxiety and frustration that people feel when their reputation is compromised. Providing a solution and fixing your reputation management problem is always our end goal.”

David Grace, Owner of Reputation Correction by Abacus Web Services

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