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Reputation Management, Done Correctly


The benefits of a good reputation are:

Starting a business
The success of a new business or brand depends on the positive reputation of the person starting that business. Putting in the time and money it takes to start a business would be a waste if potential suppliers, customers, and networkers don’t want to do business with someone with a bad reputation.

Attracting new clients/business
An established business is always looking to grow and make financial gains. To do that it needs to bring in new customers and since more people than ever are researching online before they purchase, a positive reputation is the right track to acquire that new client.

Maintaining current clients/business
More Americans than ever are sharing their thoughts on social media about the experience they’ve had in dealing with a company. When the experience is good, then the review is positive and the customer comes back. If the experience is bad, then that bad review can spread like wildfire across the Internet and even long-time clients can be lost.

Getting a job
It has become regular practice for employers to Google and check the social media of job applicants to review their background and to confirm that the applicant is presenting him or herself truthfully. Controversial opinions, unfavorable photos and false information can lose the applicant the job before they’ve even had an interview. Does the information on your application match your online reputation?

Applying for college
Just like employers, colleges and universities are looking at student applicants online before they decide to accept the student or not. Colleges are checking if that person would be a good fit for their institution and if they have good qualities. No information online at all can also be detrimental because the perception might be that there just isn’t anything remarkable about the student in the first place.

Running for a public office
Whether you’re a seasoned politician or an ‘ordinary’ citizen, running for public office means that you need a clean and positive reputation because it is all about perception to the public. People are more willing to trust someone they perceive as hard-working and honest and if they trust you they may vote for you. A good reputation online, in the media and by word-of-mouth is crucial when running for public office.

Spread the word for Non-Profit organizations
Non-profits don’t find it easy to raise money for their organizations, but a good reputation campaign is a great place to start because it can build trust by the public and spread the word about its cause.