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Reputation Management, Done Correctly

Case Studies

Due to the confidential nature of our business, we can’t name our clients and we do not ask for testimonials (although we like a good review as much as the next business!). Our reputation management solution for you and your business will be based on your unique circumstances. In our experience, every project is different and our strategies reflect that. Please read the case studies below for some examples. Please Contact Us for more information.

Case Study #1

The owner of a large service business was being personally attacked with nasty posts on a social media channel. Someone was being deliberately vindictive and our client was understandably upset.


The review was written specifically about him and not about his business. Based on our research, we discovered that this is outwith the social media channel’s terms and conditions. We claimed the listing on behalf of the client and contacted the channel’s support department. They were great and they agreed that this was outside of their terms and conditions, and as a result the negative review was removed within 24 hours.

This was a huge problem for our client, but a small scale fix that we could define and resolve quickly.

Key Points

  • Different channels have different terms and conditions, so what worked in this case might not work on another channel. We wish that everything could be resolved so quickly.
  • We put a fresh pair of eyes on the issue and come up with a creative solution that removes the client’s anxiety and frustration.
Case Study #2

Our client had been arrested. He had never been arrested before and otherwise, he had a stellar reputation. Because of the Florida Sunshine Laws (there are similar laws in other states), his arrest photo ended up on websites that specialize in posting mug shots and demanding money for them to be removed. He did not want his colleagues, family and friends or anyone else to Google him and see what had happened.


We used a variety of techniques to resolve his problems that included dealing with the third party websites. We also set up a campaign that quashed the negative results and replaced them with high ranking positive content. We worked on this project over a four month period where we continued cleaning up minor issues, specifically images that kept reappearing in the Google and Bing indexes. Even today we continue pro-active, low level monitoring and reporting of this issue.

Key Points

  • People make mistakes and it is all to easy to be punished online.
  • In this particular case, the client had a unique last name which meant that searches brought up the results easily. If the client’s name had been John Smith,for example, then it would have been lost in the search results. Details like this matter!
  • We created our strategy based on nuances of the issue.
  • There was not a quick fix case and became a multi-month project.
Case Study #3

Somebody was hijacking a client’s social media listings and had changed the contact information, which meant that our client was losing business.


Our client worked with an attorney to get the third party to ‘cease and desist’. Our part was to play detective for information and then we were able to reclaim their listing. The contact details were corrected and their phone started ringing again!

Key Points

  • This was not a traditional reputation management issue, but it wasn’t unique either and it needed to be resolved on an urgent basis.
  • There are some dishonest people online, so pay attention to your information on the social media channels.
  • While our client didn’t know where to start, we had the experience to work through the issue and resolve it for them.
Case Study #4

Our client received a very poor review in Google+. Google+ ratings are very important as Google adds that into their rankings and people can easily be put off by negative reviews. This was very upsetting issue for our client!


Our client’s initial reaction was to reply to the reviewer in a defensive manner. This is often people’s first reaction, however, it can lead to a back and forth conversation that plays out negatively online and increases the impact of the negative review. We managed to convince our client not to do that and presented them with an alternative strategy which was to;

  • Empathize with your customer.
  • Request that the customer contact you offline so that you can discussion their issue.
  • State your intention that you want all of your customers to be satisfied.
  • Encourage your satisfied customers to add new positive reviews.

Key Points

  • This was a simple reputation management issue that was farirly easy to fix.
  • Our client had many positive reviews, so one negative review would not destroy their reputation even if it did upset them.
  • Our experience and a steady hand gets the client through the anxiety and disappointment in a bad review.