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Reputation Management, Done Correctly

Everybody has their own idea of what customer service is and is not. The impact of the wrong customer service practise can turn exisiting and potential customers away and that meams lost business, espcially when those sutomers complain about bad service online.

We have all witnessed the well meaning customer service member that engages in a long back and forth with an unhappy client on a social media channel.  For example, Facebook has a system that sees all these comments, replies and counter replies and assumes that they must be important so, it boosts the ranking of the conversation and that means more people will see it. This is exactly the opposite of what businesses want to achieve.

In reputation management the goal is to resolve the issue and keep your customer satisfied. The trick to achieving this without doing damage to your online reputation is to have a better policy in place for handling online customer complaints.

  • Reach out to the customer quickly and politely using neutral language.
  • Get conversation offline as soon as possible.
  • Indicate in your reply whether you will reach out to them or give them a method to reach out to you to discuss thier issue.

By doing these simple things you’ve just turned a negative into a positive. While the world can see the customer’s complaint, they can also see that you’re handling the situation professionally and taking it seriously. You might not always be able to solve the customer’s issue, but in this scenario you have limited the damage to the company’s reputation. As a bonus this form of direct communication reduces misunderstandings and often generates great results.

Reputation Correction – We Like To Call It As It Is
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